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Energy firms accused of adding £560m to bills

Published on 13/01/2011

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Rangers and Celtic make dramatic savings
Managing director of Business Cost Consultants, Donald Maclean, commented, "Rangers and Celtic Football Clubs are setting a great example to other businesses by making a concerted effort to conserve water. Not only are they reducing demand on the Glasgow water network, but they are also reducing their carbon footprint. The supply of water and treatment of waste requires a significant amount of electricity so, by working with us, The Old Firm will now be saving enough carbon to neutralise more than ten return flights to central Europe for their whole team."

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Help us sell less power, National Grid tells regulators.
The chief executive of National Grid, the UK energy group, has called for a change in the way energy markets are regulated to encourage suppliers to sell less gas and electricity. In an interview with the Financial Times, Steve Holliday said efforts to cut carbon emissions through energy efficiency would fail without major regulatory incentives. "Energy companies have clearly been motivated by selling units of energy," he said. "You've got to turn this completely on its head."

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