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Rangers and Celtic make dramatic savings

Published on 19/10/2007

Managing director of Business Cost Consultants, Donald Maclean, commented, "Rangers and Celtic Football Clubs are setting a great example to other businesses by making a concerted effort to conserve water. Not only are they reducing demand on the Glasgow water network, but they are also reducing their carbon footprint. The supply of water and treatment of waste requires a significant amount of electricity so, by working with us, The Old Firm will now be saving enough carbon to neutralise more than ten return flights to central Europe for their whole team."

By systematically monitoring their consumption over a few months, the experts at Business Cost Consultants were able to identify inefficiencies at both stadiums. Working with the respective facilities managers and the maintenance team over many months, the water consumption was reduced by more than 40% at Celtic Park and more than 65% at Ibrox. 

The remarkable consumption savings were achieved over a period of around 18 months of systematic logging of consumption, identification of inefficiencies and installation of appropriate controls.

Sophisticated data logging devices were fitted to the water meters and sub-meters at Ibrox Stadium and Celtic Park, which closely and accurately monitored the water consumption at 15 minute intervals. The data, sent regularly via the mobile networks, was analysed by the utility consultants at Business Cost Consultants. Apparent inefficiencies were investigated and discussed with the facilities team at both sites. Working together, measures were implemented to reduce water consumption. The payback period at both Ibrox and Celtic Park was less than a year. Tens of thousands of pounds per annum were saved at both sites.

Although the respective football grounds operate very similarly, there were different issues to deal with. For example, Rangers were suffering from issues with water pressure, particularly on match days. Ross Macaskill, Facilities Manager at Rangers Football Club commented, "By accurately monitoring our usages Business Cost Consultants where able to recommended quantifiable cost savings with respect to all utilities with the largest saving to date centering around our water costs. Due to match day demands we traditionally suffered from water shortages through the course of an event. With the help of Business Cost Consultants this is no longer an issue and perhaps more importantly the ongoing yearly savings associated with these works far outweigh all capital expenditure."

At Celtic, the investigations identified a potential underground water leak, which was resolved quickly and efficiently. Malcolm Simpson, Head of Facilities, Celtic Football Club commented "Actions speak louder than words and Business Cost Consultants has proven their worth by obtaining best value for our utilities provision as well as assisting the club to reduce our overall energy budget... They are a valued member of our Facilities team."

The consumption monitoring and analysis carried out by Business Cost Consultants was not only appreciated by their clients, but also by Scottish Water. On a few occasions, the water meter at one of the sites stopped working, which meant that the supplier was losing revenue. This was identified through an alert function in the data logging software. When the client and the supplier were both made aware of the situation, the meter was fixed and monitoring resumed.

Although some industries may view a major drop in usage of their product as bad for business, Scottish Water have embraced the initiative that the Old Firm have taken, Helen Lennox, Head of Corporate Affairs, at Scottish Water is very positive about the two football clubs leading the way in business water conservation. 

"Scottish Water is keen to make its customers aware of the value of conserving water, together with its commitment to meet stringent targets on leakage. Leakage targets have been set for the first time in Scotland and we have been asked by our regulator to reduce leakage by almost 25 per cent in just two years. 

"Safeguarding the world's fresh water supplies is already firmly on the environmental agenda. As the custodian of this national asset Scottish Water believes it must manage the resources efficiently but know that consumers can help conserve water supplies. " 

Business Cost Consultants are now working with both football clubs to focus on their energy consumption with the aim of improving efficiency at the stadium, as well as investigating the feasibility of renewable energy at the sites. 

Business Cost Consultants provide consultancy, auditing and procurement services for large organisations. They deal with all aspects of energy, water and telecoms for many hundreds of sites across the UK. In 2006, Business Cost Consultants identified millions of pounds of savings for their clients.

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