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Each ACMC member provides varying products and services; however, many of the solutions offered follow the same audit and implementation process. A typical example is shown below.

  • Client provides copy invoices covering the previous 12 months
  • The invoices are checked for overcharging
  • Patterns of usage are identified
  • Comparisons are made against offers from current and alternative suppliers
  • Alternative solutions are investigated
  • A report is presented with recommendations
  • Approval is sought for implementation
  • The expenditure reforms are put in place as agreed
  • Costs and usage continue to be monitored

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What is ACMC? The ACMC is an association of selected independent business cost reduction specialists, who share information and expertise. Based in the UK, their common aim is to reduce overhead costs and increase profit for their clients.

ACMC members perform most of their work either on the principle of shared savings, meaning 'no saving no fee', or on a fixed fee: or on a combination of the two. As an alternative, some ACMC members do not charge their clients because they receive payment from the supplier. However, whichever method is used, because all ACMC members abide by the ACMC Code of Conduct, you can be assured that the fee structure is clear and transparent. Whatever the size of your business, large or small, local or multi-national, there is always scope to reduce overheads and improve bottom line profit.

The ACMC code of conduct provides a platform from which our members can consistently demonstrate high standards. All of the ACMC members have agreed to follow the code of conduct.

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The ACMC has a constitution documenting the management procedures for the association. Our full constitution is available for viewing on this site.

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